To be open to constant development by providing flawless, reliable and always on time technology.

Customer satisfaction

Our utmost power is customer satisfaction. Providing our customers with optimum solutions by guiding them according to their needs and expectations and giving flawless, on time and reliable service has given shape to our vision..


Always being reliable is our indispensable principle.


The basis of our productivity is being compatible with quality standards and their continuous auditing. Technical standards, regulations, international standards, and TSE standards in effect are our guide for both the design making techniques and implementations. In lack of these standards materials adequate to international standards are used.

Constant development

Our core principle is to follow up the technology at a close range, be in harmony with the innovations brought by constantly developing and changing world, share information with the customers and develop with the power of knowledge.

On time delivery

Time is money. We aim at fulfilling our committments always on time with the conciousness of how precious our customers’
time is.

Team work

Consist of a sales team, engineers, technicians, and experienced staff at monitors employed by our company. We also have qualified technical advisors specialised at various areas.